Thursday, April 16, 2009

i don't understand why...

Why do people (unc fans) hate Greg Paulus SO much?? I do not get this. They use to all hate J.J. Redick, which I also didn't really understand either but he was monstrously talented (and very cute!) and I guess people don't like that very much. Is it because he plays for Duke? People LOVE to hate Duke. Yesterday one of my friends on Facebook status update was "loves to hate Greg Paulus." This person is not from North Carolina and didn't not attend UNC so why all the hating??? Maybe because he excelled in two sports and people are jealous? He was a highly recruited quarterback coming out of high school but choose to play basketball instead. Now he is considering playing a year of football at Michigan. Don't how that works but I say good for him!
I don't what anyone says,
I heart you Greg Paulus.

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