Friday, October 31, 2008

someone's awesome halloween

i wish i was going to see ryan and the cardinals tonight in nyc...le sigh...oh well- dressing as rainbow brite will be super awesome too :)

i gotta a hall-o-ween head...

(halloween 06 in long island- lisa as little red riding hood, me as margot tenenbaum, matt as a boy scout and mimi as little bow peep)

still my most favorite costume EVER!!! i would honestly wear this every halloween- loved, loved, loved it! even though no one knew who i was suppose to be...

i tried really hard to make carrie wear this last weekend but she was not as thrilled at the idea as i was.

happy halloween!!

Halloween weekend plans:

7- dinner with someone last weekend ;) which matty cheered for when i told him- (geez)
10- out on the town with matty dressed as rainbow brite! hopefully i won't look completely crazy but cute and fun like Tinsley- that is my EXACT costume!!

9- carrie's party!! in costume number 3- Blair Waldorf from gossip girl. carrie is going to be serena so that should be fun. i'm really excited to wear the plaid skirt and headband with the big red bow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

buy it

you know i love you when:
i pre-order your cd from itunes and will go out an buy the actual cd.

Monday, October 27, 2008

i don't want to live on the moon either

just because it's amazing and you need to see it.

reblogged from I Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum (which btw is maybe my favorite blog name ever)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

big in japan

good things from this weekend

1. shopping, hanging out, creating the group costume with court and carrie. i miss the days when the three of us could hang out all the time. love those girls!

2. the awesome/amazing/crazy squad all percussion band outfits! big thanks to charlotte russe and rihanna- you were both key in creating our costumes

3. meeting all of the fun kids at the weekend-before-halloween-party! they had really good, creative costumes- mother/autumn earth, holly golighty, the cowboy, the pilot :)

4. target for their legging selection, instrument toys for babies, box cosmos and champagne.

5. having an amazing lazy sunday watching movies, texting and doing as little as possible!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

rocked the vote y'all

holler! early voting!

me: i'm waiting in line to vote.

mia: who are you going to vote for? ryan adams?

me: yes, i'm going to write him in.

Friday, October 24, 2008

You might’ve been a headache/ But you never were a bore.

— from “Thanks for the Memory,” as quoted by Elanie Stritch in the Guardian UK earlier this year. She followed that by saying “I think being boring is just the worst sin of all time.”

(re-blogged from Julia Allison)

So, so true! And even funnier if you know me and who this quote could apply to. ;)

ryan 101

excellent starter jams for those of you not familiar with mr. adams-

1. Come Pick Me Up from his first solo album Heartbreaker.
Live version for Letterman.

2. New York, New York from Gold. they played this a lot on mtv after 9/11. probably the most pop song he sings but still excellent.

3. Anwsering Bell- also from Gold. elton john is in this video!

4. When the Stars Go Blue- from Gold. beautiful song! it was covered by tim mcgraw and the corrs with bono but of course this is the best version! he wrote it so it should be.

5. Wonderwall- from Love is Hell. a cover of the Oasis song and brilliant! it was one of the few songs i got to hear live.

my video from the atlanta concert- it's not really the best example since: a)the man had pneumonia and was trying to sing, b) you can hear me talking to mia and singing along (not pretty) but in spite of ALL of that he actually sounds pretty good.

wonderwall from april cannon on Vimeo.

hope you love at least one of these (all of them!) and make some space for them in your ipod :)

BONUS! and maybe one of my most favorites- ever- Goodnight Hollywood Blvd- from Gold. this is from a concert series Yahoo did.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

flu shot?

free flu shots today in the office!! woo hoo! i guess i'll get one...

people keep saying 'take a flu shot' but wouldn't it be 'get a flu shot'? we aren't talk about soco and lime here, right?? someone help me out here...court your good with this kind of stuff.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

best thing i found today...

you can listen to the new ryan adams cd 'cardinology' online!!! it is AMAZING!! cannot wait to actually buy it on the the words of my buddy "ryan adams is god." okay, okay- that might be going too far but he is freaking awesome!

* got 4 stars from rolling stone!! woo-hoo!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

ryan, ryan, ryan, ryan

so i feel so awful that ryan is really, really sick but honestly, i cannot believe how good he sounded considering he had walking pneumonia! looking back at the videos, he voice was straining. he was still amazing and the fans just wanted to hear more amazing-ness

get better soon ryan!!

a creepy good morning to you too

creepy/horror movie/x-files hand print that i saw this morning in my car. i have no idea how it got there...i suspect someone from long island had something to do with it.

true story

Greg: No one I talked to knows who Ryan Adams is.

Me: Only awesome people know who Ryan Adams is.

the one where april and mia went to see ryan adams

this is the crazy story of our ryan adams concert...

-mia and i set out for Atlanta-drove 8 hours. there was a bad accident and we sat in traffic for about 2 extra hours. we ended up driving on the shoulder of the road to get to the next exit- we had a bladder emergency- but thank goodness we did, otherwise we probably would have sat there another hour.

-got to the hotel about 7:15, concert started at 8:30. we changed fast and ran out the door, luckily the venue was really close to the hotel

- parked, went in and went to buy t-shirts- which we decided were by far the nicest concert t-shirts either of us had ever bought. very soft!

-found out seats and start to get really psyched to see our beloved ryan. they had no opening act so about 8:45 there they were! and we both thought they sounded amazing! i love those rare moments when singers/bands somehow sound better live than on their cd's.

- they were taking a lot of time in between songs so it seemed like something was wrong and then maybe 30 minutes in ryan says that his voice is going but that he'll try to sing as much as he can. i noticed in the next song he turned to one of the other band members and said "it's gone." right after that he says "my voice is gone, i feel really bad and embarrassed and i'm sorry to let you guys down but i can't sing anymore" and then walks off stage. the other band members just looked at each other and then they all walked off.

- we COULD. NOT. BELIEVE. this had just happened and just sat there. everyone in the entire place just sat there hoping maybe they would come back out such luck. we drove 8 hours for 40 minutes of music and 2 t-shirts.

- our reactions were making a video about how pissed we were, blasting ryan adams jams in the parking lots (since we didn't hear it live...) and writing our own version of his song 'come pick me up" entitled 'you walked off stage'- i'll post all of the lyrics soon.

- the next day we decide we still and will always love ryan and rocked out t-shirts in 60 degree weather and drove alllll the way back to durham

the end.

*will add points later

Thursday, October 16, 2008

worst costume ever?

i could see courtney making her future child wear this for halloween. poor little crockpot will have to dress up as ben franklin!

on the road again...i just can't wait

Another road trip this weekend! this time to atlanta(ish)- actually alpharetta- to see my beloved ryan adams and the cardinals! I've wanted to see him live for-ev-er but i have no doubts it will be an amazing show! but can it beat last weekend's trip? it will have to beat:

1. eating Ethiopian food for the first time- it was weird and awesome and involved 6 hungry people eating from one giant dish with no utensils! i highly recommend it- +100

2. the fastest art museum tour ever +20

3. general courtney-ness +200 (but can it really be measured??)

4. laughing so hard it hurt over ermple and the true story sign- no one else in the group thought this was that funny +50

5.making up a drinking game without actually drinking to project runway. everytime someone cried, used the pharse "it's just so hard" or "i've wanted this for so long..." DRINK! +10 (might have been more if alcohol was involved)

6. brunch two days in row! +30
7. thinking up court's new nickname-bossy singer- and the fact that her parents argeed with it and using it! +40
Total: 350

(i'm totally ripping off this point thing from NY magazine and their TV recaps...)

i'm sure there was more but that's a lot to contend with. i hope georgia is up for the challenge!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

elementary art

file under: "things to do when you're bored"

this website- this is sand- is so much fun! you make pictures like those layering sand things from elementary school.
i didn't do this one but it's a good example.


i think i'm going to start using twitter. it will be good for roadtrip updates. if anyone else wants to set one up, that would be lovely :)

with the thoughts you'd be thinkin'...

i had these songs in my head today...and now you will too. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

her name is yoshimi

aemart posted a pic of his new car and asked if anyone had any ideas of what to name her. well...i do love naming things so this is my long (for a facebook comment) answer with music video included:

April wrote at 1:51pm
i think you should name her Yoshimi after the Flaming Lips song "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"- then you could sing "Her name is Yoshimi...she has black belt in karate..." Maybe Yo for short.
i've put WAY too much thought into this

how cool would it be for your car to have a theme song?? okay, maybe that's just me.

UPDATE: aemart picked Yoshimi!!! yayayayayay!!! i win!!

halloween possibilites...

i think i would like to be Tippi Hedren in The Birds for one of several Halloween costumes this year. no one ever looked so glamourous while being attacked by evil birds.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)
The best way to ensure that you have more money later is to start saving more of it, now! This simple rule seems logical, but logic usually flies out the window when you are standing in front of a new gadget you want. So today, start a new trend. When you are tempted by a new goodie in a store, just say no! It might feel like the entire gravitational pull of the earth is forcing you to plunk down your hard-earned cash, but it's not. You have the power to improve your spending habits.

Um, yeah...I got my GPS today. Weird, very weird and obviously not very frugal but i don't want to get lost so what am i to do??

gchat sessions- why i shouldn't sell things for a living...

Court: hahahaha
ahh, april
and it is ironic you were in retail for so long

me: right!?!

Court: I'm surprised you didn't go farther with that sales pitch
"buy it, man -- whatever, this sweater is stupid. This whole store is stupid. This job is stupid. Just get it, it all doesn't matter."

me: i really only cared about friends and discounts
you just captured my selling skills/philosophy in one sentence

fake president

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

something i learned today

This is a very interesting article about how the term "maverick" began- which sounds kind of lame but it's actually very cool and ironic that this is the term those two have chosen to use so often.

which way do i go??

i think i need to buy this little jammy-jam to help guide me on my two upcoming road trips to d.c. and altanta. AND it's cute and pink!

no, we aren't taking a picture...

they cost $12.99 from april cannon on Vimeo.

chatting at beer fest, explaining vinyl pants, etc...

Monday, October 6, 2008

bullpen photo shoot

i think making these mosaics will become my new favorite thing. 

this was the little photo shoot i made court do when we were at beer fest sitting in the bullpen at the Durham Bulls Park. this is exactly how i envisioned it!!

say wha????

sometimes at work i listen to my ipod, Pandora radio, whatever and i will have on my little ipod earbud-headphone things on and this makes my co-workers think i am completely unable to hear them. honestly...WHY(?!?!) would i have music turned up that loud AT WORK?!?! and wouldn't you be able to hear it even though i'm wearing headphones? even though i have said many, many times that "it really isn't that loud" they still act like i'm totally deaf. i hear them say things like, "Oh, April can't hear you, she has her headphones on" or like what just happened about 2 minutes ago- shaking my chair. seriously...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is fatal

Friday, October 3, 2008

this is what i did at work...

Isaac Mizrahi is so great and so are his video blogs. He cracks me up- love all of his comparisons.

He did one on jury duty!! Aaaahhhh!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

april palin???

me with sarah palin hair! InStyle magazine has a makeover section where you to can put Sarah Palin hair on! And lots of other celebs too. So funny...

um, you know you have to vote, right?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy fall y'all...oct.01.2008

good things:

1. it's finally october! which starts my favorite time of year. yay!

2. i wasn't picked for jury duty. it's sounds sort of bad and not very good citizen of me but honestly, who really wants to be on a jury? probably not too many folks.

3. mellow mushroom's close proximity to the courthouse parking deck and their very yummy capri sandwich. it sort of saved my long, boring day.

4. jp being kind enough to text me through out the entire day of jury fun. also save me yesterday.

5. Pushing Daisies return tonight!! i love this show so, so much!! it's really so charming and sweet and slightly odd. pefect really.
6. these cute cups from swoozies. i think i have to get these.